The Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation is governed by a hard working president and volunteer board of directors.

Alex Boston, President; Irene Chambers, Vice President; Michael Everett, Secretary; Ken Feltman; 

Steve Finley, Treasurer; Sergio Kapfer; Daphna Krim; Rev. Steven Martin; Rebecca Tinner Stotts; Gregory Woodyard; 

Executive Director, Edwin B. Henderson, II; Nikki Graves Henderson, Director of History Projects both serve at the pleasure of the president and the board of directors.

It is only through their dedication that the organization has been able to contribute so much to our community, our region, the Commonwealth, Maryland and the District of Columbia.  We thank our many past board members for their many years of loyality.  Over the last five years the number of dedicated volunteers and advisory board members has grown and we could not manage without them.  Our growth is directly related to the support we get from community residents, elected officials, local businesses, the Chamber of Commerce, the Economic Development Authority and city staff.  Our mission has expanded and our partnerships with Virginia Tech has deepened and helped make our programs, projects and events successful.