Host Homes for Prelude to the Blues Needed

We're  already at work for the 2013 festival!   As a small non-profit we must fundraise for the festival, Tinner Hill programs and projects all year round.  Our first fundraiser for the Tinner Hill Blues Festival in the Prelude to the Blues series will take place on July 7 from 5 - 8 pm.  If you have the space and desire we'd love to 

As a house concert host, you can participate in two ways 

1) HOST A Prelude to the Blues House Concert

Open your home (or unique venue) to the Foundation and we will invite our friends and supporters to your home and sell tickets for the event. 

2) BOOK a house...Read on


Diana Braithwaite and Chris Whiteley have come all the way to the Tinner Hill Bues Festival from Canada with a great blues tale to tell of freedom. After years of touring in England, (where they recorded at BBC London) Europe, other parts of the U.S. A. and Russia, the renowned duo are visiting Virginia for the first time. Chris who was born in Kansas and Diana whose ancestors, made the dangerous trek from Virginia to Canada in the early 1800s via the Underground Railway, present on June 9 at 10 am in the Falls Church the US premiere of their acclaimed musical odyssey Sugar and Gold: The Underground Railway. The spine-tingling story is served up in an authentic blues style.Visit

...Read on

Tinner Hill Blues Festival Starts Off With A Bang

What you may have thought was thunder on Friday nite may have been the Tinner Hill Blues Festival getting started!  Pre-festival events began during FIRSTfriday of Falls Church with live music at Stifle and Capra by Charles Solomon and Rick Steele as well as the opening reception for "Call it the Blues", a juried art show at Art and Frame of Falls Church.   The reception was well attended in spite of the rain, and juror, Phillidelphia artist, Kitty Caparella. Irena Chambers, organizer and 7 of the shows artists were present.  The show will be on view during Art and Frames normal visiting hours for the entire month of June.  Stop by and see the beautiful and unique interpretations of the blues...Read on

New Additions to Festival Promises New Perspectives and New Energy

The Tinner Hill Blues Festival is constantly growing.  This year one of the most exciting new elements added to the festival is "Call it the Blues", a juried art show.  The exhibition will open during FIRSTfriday of Falls Church events on Friday, June 1 and remain on exhibit at Art and Frame of Falls Church throughout the blues festival weekend until the end of June.  It is particularly exciting to push the concept of blues culture beyond music  -  expanding beyond the norm of a "Blues Festival".  

The juried art show is being organized by Falls Church resident...Read on

Call it the Blues Art Show - Opens FIRSTfriday, June 1

Call it the Blues is a juried, all-media exhibition focusing on the meaning of the "blues" from an artist perspective. As part of the Tinner Hill Blues Festival, Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation is participating in FIRSTfriday of Falls Church.  Art and Frame of Falls Church, owned by Tom Gittins, is hosting the exhibition. The show's interpretation of "the blues" is very liberal and includes works of art that explore the nature of blues music, literature, or history; interpret or reflect the emotions and events inspired or evoked by the "blues"; focus on blues performers; or even explore the "hue...Read on

What’s Merlefest Got To Do With It?

We were lucky enough to attend Merlefest in Wilksboro, NC this year.  The festival is 25 years old and attracts between 70,000 and 100,000 folks from 48 states + Canada and the world each year.  The local non-profits benefited by over $400,000 from the festival last year and the town estiimates over 10 million dollars was pumped into the regions economy! Festivals have been known to be income generators across the globe. From Minnesota to Mississippi, and everywhere in between, festivals celebrate the history, culture and spirit of the blues.  Meanwhile festivals are known for fueling the economy of the host locale. Worldwide from Dubai to China music festivals range from simple fields to spectacular lighting, special effects and technologically sophicated performance enhancing elements.  Recently, the Coachella...Read on

What Makes a Good Tinner Hill Blues Performer. . . Among them Michael Roach

I love music. . .and I love history. . . and black culture. . . and don't tell my husband -  but I don't mind good looking men. . . as my Grandmother used to put it "he ain't hard on the eyes!"  And while we're on the subject of men, as a young girl, my Mom gave me a few litmus tests for selecting appropriate males to spend time with.  They included things like: "Within the first 45 minutes of conversation he should share some kind of interesting information you don't already know/give you the name of a book/artist/writer you've never read, or otherwise challenge your mind.  If not - you're wasting your time, in a short...Read on

Let The Festival Begin—With Beer . . .

April already and the blues festival is right around the corner!  I can hardly contain my excitement over who's performing Friday at the State Theatre or Saturday at Cherry Hill Park or who'll be jamming at the Blues Brunch on Sunday -- or any of the other All Blues, All Weekend happenings All Over Town! This is my first blues blog and I don't know where to begin. OK, let's start with - what will we drink???  We'll Begin with Beer! Mad Fox Brewing Company, Falls Church's very own brewpub, will provide libations (for purchase) at the Tinner...Read on

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