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A Reason to Give Thanks

Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation has found many reasons to give thanks over the years.   We are most grantful for YOU!  You've been both kind and generous in both large and small ways, enabling us to fulfill our mission.  Using music, culture, art and history to share our inspiring history.   The festival, in particular brings together wonderful volunteers working both in front of and behind the stage at the Tinner Hill Blues Festival.  

Over the rest of the year volunteers help by supporting the Prelude to the Blues concert series.  Others help in historic research, sharing the history of Tinner Hill, the first rural branch of the NAACP in the nation and little known historic events and persons that still influence us today.  Our sponsors and supporters making sure we have the financial where with all to create programming and continue to work on preserving the civil rights history of the area.  We continue to conduct scholarly research and grants and gifts have helped us to uncover the rich, multicultural history of the area.   

We sincerely give thanks and hope that you and yours will have a safe and pleasant thanksgiving!

Edwin and Nikki Henderson

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