Host Homes for Prelude to the Blues Needed

We're  already at work for the 2013 festival!   As a small non-profit we must fundraise for the festival, Tinner Hill programs and projects all year round.  Our first fundraiser for the Tinner Hill Blues Festival in the Prelude to the Blues series will take place on July 7 from 5 - 8 pm.  If you have the space and desire we'd love to 

As a house concert host, you can participate in two ways 

1) HOST A Prelude to the Blues House Concert

Open your home (or unique venue) to the Foundation and we will invite our friends and supporters to your home and sell tickets for the event. 

2) BOOK a house concert for your family and friends.  Tinner Hill will find and arrange the best talent for your budget (for a modest fee).  You'll have your own special performance in the comfort of your home! 

Please consider this fun way to contribute to Tinner Hill's effort to preserve the early civil rights history of Falls Church.



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