Music on the Terrace Goes Out in a Gale of Glory

Hey Blues fans,

Sandy didn't scare a us.  A handful of music lovers showed up at Open Kitchen and had a toe tapping good time with the Rick Franklin Duo, featuring Rick Franklin and Rick Usilton.  Sandy waited patiently before starting her wind and rain until our perfect little concert was over!  The terrace was toasty warm, the food delicious and I can bear witness they make a powerful Mimosa over there!  We are concluding on Party with a Purpose for the holiday season but will clue you in when we start again -- after the first of the year.  Thanks to all who participated and we'll keep you posted on upcoming events through the website or our newsletter.  

I for one learned something from Hurricane Sandy --- Act now because you never know what the tomorrow will bring!  So with that being said - look out for more amazing blues events soon!  We've got several good things in the making!

Musically yours,



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