Name that “Blues Baby” Contest

Music brings together wonderful folks and sometimes interesting things happen.  For example at our monthy intimate concerts, Music on the Terrace at Open Kitchen Bistro in Falls Church at the Blue Steele Blues concert we met the most charming music loving couple - Lindsay and Joel.  Lindsay and Joel are expecting their first  baby in the next month.  They're second generation music lovers, Lindsay's parents are big Rock & Roll fans. They were enjoying the music so much, their friend, Jill, suggested their baby would definitely be a blues lover. . .we shared lots of good music, great food and laughter when the subject of the babies name came up.  When they said they had not selected a name yet -- and that the Rock & Roll loving grandparents were lobbying for a Rock & Roll musical name for the baby.  We all agreed that  the baby will clearly be a blues lover and that Tinner Hill and their blues loving family should host a "Name that Blues Baby" Contest!  So here we go. . . email your suggestions for the baby's name to .  And no, we don't know it is a girl or a boy.   IF Lindsay and Joel  should  happen to pick one of the contest suggested names for the baby, the winner who submitted the name will be given two complimentary tickets to an uncoming Tinner Hill musical event!  

Musically yours,


Disclaimer: the parents nor Tinner Hill bear no legal responsibility with regard to naming rights for the new baby! 


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