Blues Baby Arrives with a COOL BLUES NAME!

If you've been at any of the last few Open Kitchen Music on the Terrace concerts, you met Joel and Lindsay.  You may recognize the gregarious couple by Lindsay's ever expanding beach ball belly.  We conducted a Name the Blues Baby contest to suggest a name for the baby.  Our contest ended on at 11:55 pm Thurday, Oct 4 when Lindsay and Joel welcomed their baby daughter, Indigo Jane at 11:55 pm.  BTW do you think showing up at 11:55pm. . . might mean she is going to be singing the Blues Round Midnight? 

Indigo was not one of the entries in the contest, although we came close.  The name "Blue" was entered twice.  However, no one was as creative as the parents to take blue to another level with Indigo!  So no winner, but I think we have the makings of another contest.   Our next contest will be a song writing contest an ode to little Indido Jane?  Title suggestions: "Heading Out Round Midnight", "Indigo Midnight"  OK suggestions for a title to the song for Indigo Jane ?????????

We are very happy for the little family -- and think Indigo is a perfect blues musicians name.

Musically your,


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