Henderson House Voted “Best History Related Geocache” in Northern Virginia, 2012

The Henderson House was voted "Best History-Related Cache in Northern Virginia" by the Northern Virginia Geocaching Association.  The award recognizes the unique container in which a regular sized  cache is hidden and the significance of Falls Church CIvil Rights History highlighted at the site.

Each spring is announced by the increase in visitors to the Henderson House and the Tinner Hill Civil Rights Memorial Arch.
Geocaching, is a kind of high tech scavenger hunt. It's free and it's fun for all ages! Using a hand held GPS  device or GPS enabled cell phone participants look for hidden containers (geocaches) that contain "treasures."

Caches are hidden everywhere; one is hidden outside of the white picket fence at the Henderson House and another mini-cache is hidden at the Tinner Hill Memorial Arch. There are lots of caches hidden throughout the area - give it a try!

This is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy nature, learn and spend time with the family. Find out more about geocaching here.

Geocaching the Henderson House 
Geochaching the Tinner Hill Monument


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